Recall: a distributed, fault-tolerant, replicated storage server

  • Version 1.3 is out!
  • Win32 support
  • Added extensiblity hooks
  • Tested under Python 1.5

  • Version 1.2 is out!
  • Added graphical demo
  • Fixed bugs related to choosing the most up-to-date server

  • Version 1.1 is out!
  • Complete re-write using CORBA for all interfaces
  • Re-implemented in Python
  • Note that the old version (<1.0) is no longer being actively developed
  • The new CVS module name is corba.
    (cvs -d checkout corba)
  • Not all the same servers have been re-implemented.
  • Recall has somewhat better documentation now.

  • Version 0.8 is out!
  • Fixed some configure problems.
  • Added a prototype of a relicated block device.
  • Cleaned up the perl Storage interface.
  • Another bug in message sending found and fixed.

  • Version 0.7 is out!
  • This is the first release with configure.
  • Prototype of a relicated Perl DBI interface.
  • Bug in message sending found and fixed.

  • Finally autoconf support!

Version 0.6 is out! 
  • The perl/MySQL example is in this version. You will need Pth to try it.
  • Write operations now support a return result. Now you can update state and get the result in a single request.
  • IncrDecr example now supports client resend detection. There is a test for client resend detection.
  • New look to the web page. I'm trying for a sturdy, "trust me" look. Clearly I have no artistic talent. If you have ideas let me know.
  • Copyright has been changed to a BSD-style license to accomodate SourceForge requirements. If you have a problem with the change, please contact me.

  • The perl example now uses MySQL to store data. You'll have to use anonymous CVS at SourceForge to get this now. Module name is "recall" without quotes.
  • Performance is up 10-25%. Whoo hoo!

Version 0.5 is out!
  • Perl interfaces. You can now write fault-tolerant clients and servers in Perl.
  • Fixed a bug in serializing write requests
  • Better error reporting
  • Simple library ported to the Compaq/DEC TRUE/64 Unix, FreeBSD, SUSE linux.
  • Fixed bugs related to thread clean-up
  • Support for GNU Pth
  • Performance improvements

Eric C. Newton (